The Angel Of The Cache Finds A Home

Angel Of The Cache
We found our first Geocache almost a year ago and we took a small pendant from the cache as a memento of our first find. We said in the post we made regarding this find that we planned on mounting it on piece of wood so that we could hang it on a wall to always remind us of that day. Well, we finally got it mounted!

Because the pendant reminded us of an angel (though we never really seen one) we named it ‘The Angel of the Cache”.

It was a simple job, taking a piece of scrap birch, rounding it and finishing it with a bit of beeswax. The added bonus was the opportunity to combine Geocaching with our woodworking, another of our passions.

It is now displayed on the wall of our den, reminding us of that day.

Keep on cachin’!

This post was originally posted on our now defunct website, Geocaching Online

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11 Responses to “The Angel Of The Cache Finds A Home”

  1. Nice, but what did you do with the rest of the paddle? And how is Mrs_Go going to keep you in line without it? Looks like a great way to remember a great day.

  2. Paddle? It’s a popsicle stick! The pendant is vewy, vewy tiny… as for Mrs_Go, she doesn’t need a paddle to keep me in line… the rolling pin has always worked quite well!

  3. What a great find! You could have found only marbles, bottle caps or crayons…you really found a treasure in this “Angel of the Cache” Fun idea.

    Ed & Pam

  4. LOL! So true! We could be looking at a McToy right now! Thanks for dropping by!

  5. What a cool idea. I didn’t take anything from my first cache. Signed the log and moved on. :) A lot of fun, however. Great little idea you have. Nicely done!

  6. That’s really nifty! I don’t have a memento of my first cache, but the first cache I found by myself had a big rubber snake in it…. LOL.

  7. Very cool! I dont even think I could remember what we got as far as swag from our first cache. We do keep those trade items though….and have them spread out on 4 shelves at home. We have turned a couple of them into TBs though! This is really cool!! Wish we had thought of it! LOL

  8. PJ, thanks!

    EMC, a rubber snake would make a great wall hanging! :)

    Scott, photos of your swag shelves would make a great blog post! Let’s see them!

  9. That looks great. What a great way to remember your first find. I think the first thing we found, we recycled it into the next one we found. We hit about 4 on our first day out.

    Anyway, that is a great momento that you made!

  10. Coming up soon!! Thanks for the idea!!

  11. Very nicely done, I wear my first find on a bracelet, it was a little charm!

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