Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon

Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon
What a weekend! It was one of the best we had all summer, and we’re not just talking about the weather. We spent it Geocaching and socializing at Atlantic Geofest 2008 that was held at the Blomidon Provincial Park. This was an event organized by local Geocachers and was designed to give an opportunity to camp, meet and have fun in this beautiful park located at the top of Cape Blomidon on Nova Scotia’s Fundy Coast. The 1875 acre Blomidon Provincial Park is renowned for its spectacular views and for the hiking trails that lead along the towering, 600 foot seacliffs of Cape Blomidon.

Cape Blomidon lies along the southeast shore of the Bay of Fundy at the mouth of the Minas Basin, the site of some of the world’s highest tides. The provincial park sits high on the red sandstone cape which was once the home (and perhaps it still is…) of the legendary Glooscap, the powerful man-god of the Míkmaq, First Nations People of Nova Scotia.

Since it can get quite windy up here the name ‘Blomidon’ is likely a contraction of the nautical phrase “blow me down.” However, there were no ‘blow me down’ winds this weekend! It was clear blue skies and sunny all the way through!

In addition to the great weather the weekend was filled with some hiking, lots of Geocaching, fun games, good food and great company. The organizers of this year’s Atlantic Geofest really outdid themselves!

On our way up to the park we made a short stop at The Lookoff. The view from here is breathtaking! This is one of the Evangeline Trail’s favorite attractions and from here you can see the Minas Basin and the rolling farmland of the Hants, Kings and Annapolis counties on the floor of the Annapolis Valley:

Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon

We arrived at the park about mid-afternoon and after registering at the Geofest HQ we quickly set up camp. This was the first time that we had been tenting in at least 15 years (yeah, we turned into quite the travel snobs in our old age :)) but it turned out well. In fact, we are now planning on more outings. Here’s a photo of our weekend homestead:

Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon

Here’s the beautiful kitchen area:

Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon

And our spacious bathroom:

Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon

Our digs were actually quite elaborate when compared to the spartan accommodations of experienced woodsman and Geocacher, Bluenose Climbers, who was happy to show several examples of his favorite overnight lodgings:

Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon
Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon
Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon

After setting up camp we walked a few trails and did some Geocaching. One of the caches had a nearby picnic table that offered this fantastic view of the Minas Basin:

Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon

After it got dark we went on a group Night Cache. This was a first for us. The object was to follow a trail marked by Fire Tacks. We had to find two different 35mm film cannister caches to get the coordinates for the ‘real’ cache. We used to think that finding these small caches were tough in the daylight, but not anymore! We were just glad that this was a group venture and that there were several young cachers in the group with a lot of enthusiasm and eyes that can see in the dark! :)

Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon
Atlantic Geofest 2008 On Cape Blomidon

Following a trail single file at night had it’s moments. :) Since the trail was a ‘rooty route’ (a new phrase coined by mrs_go) the person up the line would call out when a root was found. It went something like this, “`Root”… “Root”… “Root”… THUD! “Hole”… :)

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  1. Awesome article!!

  2. Hi,
    I have to agree 150% with all that has been said above because I was part of this year’s Geofest 2008 !
    Talk about fun ! Keep up the good work !
    #1 Scout
    Moncton, NB.

  3. Great post! I think I’ll quit geocaching and just stay home to read about your adventures. You live the life.

    Great photos. One day I’ll have to learn to use a camera.

  4. This was nothing short of spectacular, fantastic, great and awesome. Wait, did you mention something about that? Great photos.

    A corn boil? Seriously? That’s just a fancy name to hide the fact that it’s “just corn”. I’m from Illinois, I know corn. Intimately!

    Me: “What’s for dinner?”
    You: “Where having a corn boil.”
    Me: “So what does that entail?”
    You: “corn”
    Me: “Right then, Pass me the butter.”

  5. Hey, I’m coming to Canada! In a few weeks I’ll make my first trip to “CANADA, America’s Hat” I’ll be way on the other “side” in Alberta but hey, Canada nonetheless! I’ll make sure to pick up an Oilers jersey for the boy. Then I’ll keep saying, “Nice shirt, EH? Nice shirt, EH? Nice shirt, EH? Nice shirt, EH? Nice shirt, EH? Nice shirt, EH?” Hoser. I think I’ll fit right in.

  6. Just curious… did you enjoy the event? :)

    I love events. In fact, I’m becoming addicted to them. I don’t often take part in all the caches and hikes. I just like mingling. It’s the best part of it for me. I do my caching and such, but I love discovering coins, talking to people, letting them discover my coins and just learning about others.

    We are starting a cache club in our area and we had an event not too long ago, which was a lot of fun. I’m going to a couple in the upcoming weeks and can’t wait for them. Good times.

    Great story and photos. I enjoyed reading about the event. Maybe one day down the road we’ll be at the same event!

  7. Finn, awesome time! Thanks again for a great hike!

    Scout, glad to see you there!

    Tonka, don’t give up Geocaching! What would we read?!

    Hick, a double comment? Coffee jitters too? No, this just wasn’t any corn, this was the best corn! Coming to Canada, eh? Cool, I’ll call Alberta and let them know. Hint: Don’t say ‘hoser’… it’s so, mmmm… eighties!

    PJ, looking forward to meeting soon! It’s in the cache, er’, in the cards…

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