More Bottle Rockets Blast Off

Bottle Buddies
Another wave of Bottle Rockets have been deployed! This is not an invasion. Let me repeat, this is not an invasion. Prepare for arrival at the Halifax Crafters Winter Market Dec. 5th-7th. Kirk out… 🙂

LOL! Looks like we’re having too much fun here at the shop. Well, these bottle stoppers are fun, just look at them. This batch of wine stoppers are so colourful! 🙂

You may be wondering, because they go by so many names, just exactly what are they called? We don’t know! We have heard them called bottle stoppers, bottle toppers, bottle buddies, wine stoppers, cute corks, bottle rockets and the one we like the best, conversation starters. So, like a rose by any other name, or should that be Rosé? :), it doesn’t matter what you call, them folks will know what you mean!

Here are some closeup photos of this batch of, er, stoppers:


Back to the shop…

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