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cedar plant pot stands

Cedar Plant Pot Stands

256{icon} {views}Woodworking and gardening goes hand in hand! During a rain forced break from planting Plum trees today we made a half dozen of these cedar plant pot stands. They are made from leftover Cedar from last year’s greenhouse build. Our garden tools definitely include a hammer and saw! These wooden plant stands are approximately […]


Curly Maple Butter Dish

100{icon} {views}Here’s another butter dish just out of the finish room but this one is a Curly Maple butter dish! Check out that awesome curl! Curly Maple, also known as flame Maple, ripple Maple, fiddleback or tiger stripe, refers to the wavy figure or grain pattern of the wood, often creating a chatoyance, or shimmering […]


Maple Butter Dish

69{icon} {views}Here’s a stylish Maple butter dish just out of the finish room! Er, we should say that it’s a butter dish made of Maple, though it would be perfect for Maple butter too! In fact, in addition to serving butters we believe it will also be great for other spreads like cream cheese and […]

Harvest Hods

Handmade Harvest Hods

139{icon} {views}Check out these handmade Harvest Hods! We’re a hopeful bunch, us gardeners… While doing a bit of a clean up in the shop today we came across some Cedar cutoffs from our greenhouse build and we quickly sidetracked into making a couple of them! Based on the traditional New England clam digger basket, our […]