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The Great Bean Harvest Of 2015

The Great Bean Harvest Of 2015

Hear ye! Hear ye! The Great Bean Harvest Of 2015! Indeed! What a wonderful year for growing beans! We increased our bean production by 50% this year, going from 5.5kg (12lbs) last year to just over 8kg (18lbs) this year! Depending on the variety we’ll use them throughout the year in a slew of meals […]

late August

The Late August Garden

Well, here it is, going onto late August and the garden is doing just great! As you can see in the above photo everything is green and growing! This is a great time of year in the garden, just on the cusp of everything moving into the ripening stage. You start to pick a few […]


Backyard Bandits are Back!

Bandits! Yes, the backyard bandits are back! And this time they have gone too far! They can dig up our yard and eat the grubs but they have to leave our tomatoes alone! Over the past several weeks we have seen an increase in the activity of our nightly visitors. Each morning we have been […]


Vampires Beware!

Vampires beware! Here’s an awesome bunch of gorgeous garlic we just harvested! Garlic is one of the easiest crops to grow. You plant them in the Fall using cloves that you saved from that year’s harvest and just wait. Really, it’s that easy! 🙂 Garlic is also one of those crops that gives a double […]


Early Morning Visitor

Early morning visitor… cute but arch-enemy of the garden… she was a good size and showed no concern at our attempt to scare her off with our frantic waving and noise making… resorted to what anyone would do at this time of day and threw a teabag at her… it worked… with an indignant snort […]


Bean Up!

We play a fun little garden game here at the ol’ homestead this Spring called Bean Up! Whenever we spot a new bean pokin’ it’s little head through the soil we yell “Bean Up!” Neat thing is that no matter who sees one first, we all win! Everyone should be playing this game in their […]