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Spring is coming!

Spring Is Coming!

26{icon} {views}Spring is coming! Down here on the ‘farm’ we judge the coming seasons by the changes in the local flora and fauna. One of our resident hares, Notchear, is beginning to lose his white Winter wear and sport his tan coloured Summer suit indicating that Spring is near! This little fellow is a Snowshoe […]


Dartmouth Makers Holiday Market 2015

83{icon} {views}Another great Dartmouth Makers Holiday Market! Truly an awesome weekend! Thanks to everyone that made it happen, from the other vendors to the fantastic organizers, and especially all the visitors. Definitely all the visitors, you were all so great, so understanding, makes us so happy to be able to share all what we do […]


Happy Autumn!

15{icon} {views} Happy Autumn, everyone! We caught a pic of this little fellow last night stealing the last of the Summer sun! It’s been a great Summer but we’re always glad to see Fall, our favourite season, arrive, especially when it arrives in such glorious fashion; blue sky, sunshine and cool, clear temperatures. For some […]


Increase Shop Efficiency

41{icon} {views}We knew it! And here it is in print, and written by legendary woodturner, Stephen Hogbin, no less! Reading “Hogbin On Woodturning” this morning and came across this line, this quote, this apparent requirement to awesome innovation and creativity: “In my shop, tea and cookies are mandatory at regular intervals; in the long run […]