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Inspirational Drawings

Inspirational Drawings

A word about inspirational drawings… one of the nice things about turning our bottle stoppers, shaving brushes, spats and spurtles is the freedom of design. As long as one keeps within the confines of an item’s use it is pretty much a free for all of woodturning fun, all under the guise of originality and […]


Increase Shop Efficiency

We knew it! And here it is in print, and written by legendary woodturner, Stephen Hogbin, no less! Reading “Hogbin On Woodturning” this morning and came across this line, this quote, this apparent requirement to awesome innovation and creativity: “In my shop, tea and cookies are mandatory at regular intervals; in the long run these […]


Bean Up!

We play a fun little garden game here at the ol’ homestead this Spring called Bean Up! Whenever we spot a new bean pokin’ it’s little head through the soil we yell “Bean Up!” Neat thing is that no matter who sees one first, we all win! Everyone should be playing this game in their […]


The End Of Wood

We call this photo, “The End of Wood”… well, it is! 🙂 Found this in a store in Truro and knew we just had to share it! You may also like Zebrawood Candle Plate And Thingys It’s Toy Time At The AWA! Pens, Pens And More Pens Toolfest At Captain Tinkham’s Emporium Zebrawood European Round […]


Spurtles On Parade!

Have you ever wondered how our Spurtles get to the Halifax Crafters Holiday Market? Well, wonder no more! Here’s a short video that we have put together to show you how they get there. Is it corny? Guaranteed! Are we wacky? Indeed! This is what happens when you spend too much time in the shop… […]


Our Spatulas & Spurtles Are Works Of Art!

It’s official! Our spatulas and spurtles are works of art! Here, look for yourself: Here are some other works of our art that they have on display: Hope you enjoyed this little bit of fun… 🙂 You may also like Little Old Wine Stopper Turner Me Enclosed Birch Bowl With Walnut Ring Woodworking Tips And […]