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It's A Conspiracy

A Conspiracy? Who? Us? Nawwww!

When we started Geocaching almost a year ago we thought that we were joining a fraternity of peaceful, friendly people. However, we just became aware that this is not so! We recently visited a fellow Geocacher’s blog, who shall remain nameless, and read that he is attempting to rally other Geocachers against us and fellow […]


Cached And Got The T-shirt

We have been asked several times about the rotating quotes on the bottom of the right-hand menu of Geocaching Online. We have to admit that we ‘stole’ these from various t-shirts that we have come across in our travels both online and off. We think that they are cool so we included them onsite. Here’s […]


You Know You’re Addicted

We woke up this morning with a feeling of grave agitation and high anxiety. Our hands were shaking, our eyes were watery and we had a driving desire to go outside. After a few minutes of searching our symptoms on the Internet we quickly found that we were suffering from “Obsessive Compulsive Cache Craving Syndrome” […]