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piece of paradise

Paradise Lost?

88{icon} {views}Paradise lost? It was torn a bit but it’s still a piece of paradise! Took a trip to the ‘Ravenview Farm Annex’ on Thursday to check on things. We found that loggers working the property behind us had recently used our road as a shortcut, without permission. They made quite a mess of it […]


Walkin In A Winter WANDERland!

25{icon} {views}Walkin in a Winter WANDERland! Days like this are meant to be spent outside! First we shoveled our driveway and then went snowshoeing. We got a whole week’s exercise in one day! Plus no gym membership fee either! How cool is that?! We often find it hard why folks dislike Winter so much. We […]


Dave Gunning At Point Rock

73{icon} {views}Wow! We spent an incredible evening last night with Dave Gunning at Point Rock House Concerts! Dave is an awesome musician and storyteller so hearing him in a house concert venue that allowed him to expand on his stories through his intros created a one of a kind evening. Dave is a “young man […]


Minglewood At Mary’s

33{icon} {views}Minglewood at Mary’s! The title says it all! Another awesome evening at Point Rock Concerts! And another great one with Matt Minglewood! What can we say that we didn’t already say when we saw him the last time here at Point Rock other than it was even better! Oh yeah, we know, how can […]


Secret Spaces, Hidden Worlds

179{icon} {views}It was an awesome opening tonight of ‘Secret Spaces, Hidden Worlds’ by Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council member, Elizabeth Goluch! Elizabeth is a master metalsmith and sculptor, who’s fascination with bugs, beetles, spiders and snails has taken her on a journey deep into their world. She shares this hidden world with her larger-than-life anatomically […]