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Caching In BC

Caching In BC

We spent the past week with our son and his girlfriend in Rossland, British Columbia. It was his birthday and what could be a better gift than a GPSr? We picked up the eTrex Venture Cx here at home and hand delivered it, much to his surprise. While we were there we turned them both […]

Fishermans Wharf

Caching In Frisco

Another Hurrah! for virtual caches, this time from San Francisco. Once again these virtuals have led us to places we never would have found. We found an old time arcade shop where we spent a couple of hours and many quarters. We hiked to the top of Telegraph Hill and saw some great artwork, we […]

Freedom Tower

The Freedom Tower

We had an opportunity while we were in Miami, Florida recently to log an interesting cache. It was a virtual cache for The Freedom Tower. Apparently, this building was originally the home of the Miami News in the 1920’s through to the ’50’s. During the 1960’s it was the point of reception for many Cubans […]