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A Double Rainbow

This cool, double rainbow appeared in the Southern sky this evening as the sun started to break through the last of the rain clouds. There’s something about rainbows that, even after all these years, still excites us when we see one. We look at it in awe and try to count the colours, then quickly […]


The Wooden Bowl

Here’s a story that we came across where a wooden bowl is the center of another of life’s little lessons. It’s a story of how we must be better role models to our children and better children to our parents. If not, we just might be disappointed in our old age! Hope you enjoy it: […]

The Root Of The Matter

Get Back To Our Roots

In these days of haste and disconnect sometimes it just takes a walk in the woods to get get back to our roots. Our daughter invited us for a hike recently along a local trail and once again we was awestruck by the natural beauty of the medium in which we, as workers of wood, […]