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Very Berry Raspberries

We went on a forage in Heritage Park this morning for berries and look what we came home with, a heaping helping of delicious raspberries! We fought the brambles, the hornets and a few Yellow Garden Spiders to get over a pound of these sweet, succulent beauties and it was certainly worth the effort. It […]


All Around The Mulberry Bush

Well, this is the first time in the past three or four years that we were able to beat the birds to the mulberries! And they are so delicious! It has made our vigilance, the daily monitoring, everything short of camping out under the tree, worthwhile! Our mulberry tree stands just under six feet tall […]


Cherry Oh!

Cherry Oh! We’re wondering if finding a double cherry will give us some good luck like finding a four-leaf clover or will it double our pleasure? We hope it will be doubly good, though this might be a tall order because we love them so much! There’s just something about these berries that we can’t […]