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Bottle Stopper Toppers

Here is a grand selection of bottle stoppers that we recently made! As you will see below, they come in a wide, and we mean wide!, variety of shapes and colours. Some are natural wood, some are painted, some are stained, some look like wine goblets and some even look like birdhouses! We believe that […]

Bottle Buddies

More Bottle Rockets Blast Off

Another wave of Bottle Rockets have been deployed! This is not an invasion. Let me repeat, this is not an invasion. Prepare for arrival at the Halifax Crafters Winter Market Dec. 5th-7th. Kirk out… 🙂 LOL! Looks like we’re having too much fun here at the shop. Well, these bottle stoppers are fun, just look […]

Bottle Rockets

Bottle Rockets Blast Off

Bottle Rockets against the night sky, headed towards the Halifax Crafters Winter Market. Traveling at near light speed they will arrive on Dec. 5th-7th, landing at the Olympic Centre, Hunter St., Halifax, Nova Scotia. They come in peace! 🙂 Seriously, here are a batch of bottle stoppers all ready for market. These great little things […]