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Sweet, Little White Ash Bowl

We’re kicking the week off with this sweet, little White Ash bowl! It is 17.5cm (7″) in diameter by 5.5cm (2.25″) tall and has a beautiful grain pattern. We harvested the White Ash tree that this bowl came from back in 2011 in the Hardwood Lands area of Nova Scotia. We got several large blanks […]


A Beautiful Walnut Bowl

Just out of the finish room! A beautiful Walnut bowl with texturing captured between a pair of stained bands. This wooden bowl is 28cm (11″) in diameter and 9.5cm (3.75″) tall. The Walnut for this wood bowl was harvested in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia in November of 2010. The estimated height of the tree was […]


Bigga Buncha Bowls

Wow! What a week! In addition to harvesting the garden, some replanting, shelling beans, saving seeds, finishing a totem, a gallery opening and a score of other things we got a bigga buncha bowls turned! These wooden bowls range in size from 18cm (7″) to 38cm (15″) and in several types of wood like Maple, […]


Spalted Beech Bowl

Starting the week of with a spalted Beech bowl with a hole! And not just any old hole but a bark inclusion hole that adds, what they call, visual interest. Though in this case we believe the whole bowl is of ‘visual interest’, all 28cm (11″) X 5cm (2″) of it! Look at that awesome […]


Emerald Celebration Bowl

Here’s a another Celebration Bowl to finish off this week! It is made of Maple that was harvested in the New Elm area of Nova Scotia, near Shingle Lake. It is 27cm (10.5″) in diameter and 9cm (3.5″) tall and features an emerald coloured rim ring and foot that has been accented with a pyrographed […]


Olive Celebration Bowl

It’s the end of the week, a great reason to celebrate! We’re kicking it off with a new Celebration Bowl! This one is made of Maple and features an olive coloured and branded rim. It is 29cm (11.75″) in diameter by 7cm (2.75″) tall. We call these bowls our Celebration Bowls because they are perfect […]