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Sugar Maple Celebration Bowl

This Sugar Maple Celebration Bowl is a beaut! And big too! At 35cm (14″) in diameter and 10.5cm (4″) deep it will hold a super sized salad, a giant mound of nuts or one big pile of popcorn! It features an olive coloured stained and branded rim making it a one-of-a-kind conversation piece too! The […]


Red Oak Celebration Bowl

Here’s a Red Oak Celebration Bowl that we were working on last week, all hand rubbed and shined up with our beeswax finish! It is 33cm (13″) by 9.5cm (3.75″) and features a branded motif circling it’s deep red stained rim, accenting the ruddy grain. The Oak for this bowl was harvested from the Hants […]


Maple Bowl With Sun Motif

Here’s the latest bowl out of the finish room! It is made of Maple and although a bit smaller than our large Celebration Bowls at 27cm (10.75″) in diameter by 9.5cm (3.75″) tall it features a similar rim style. This one has been branded with our sun motif on both inside and out and stained […]


An Autumn Bowl

Here is a wooden bowl just out of the finishing room that we are calling an Autumn Bowl! It is made of Maple from the Hants County area of Nova Scotia and features three bands and foot painted in heart warming, Autumn colours. It is 32.5cm (12.75″) in diameter by 11cm (4.25″) tall, perfect for […]


Emerald Celebration Bowl

Here’s a another Celebration Bowl to finish off this week! It is made of Maple that was harvested in the New Elm area of Nova Scotia, near Shingle Lake. It is 27cm (10.5″) in diameter and 9cm (3.5″) tall and features an emerald coloured rim ring and foot that has been accented with a pyrographed […]


Olive Celebration Bowl

It’s the end of the week, a great reason to celebrate! We’re kicking it off with a new Celebration Bowl! This one is made of Maple and features an olive coloured and branded rim. It is 29cm (11.75″) in diameter by 7cm (2.75″) tall. We call these bowls our Celebration Bowls because they are perfect […]