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Floating Box

A simple box floating on a sea of blue… Mankind is such a fragile species living on an equally fragile world. Floating on an ocean, floating in space. Of water, both. Mystery of the deep. One and all, we contain things within while being contained ourselves. And oh, how carefully we must carry and be […]

Fiery Furnace


Made of Cherry burl from the Hants County area of Nova Scotia, Canada this natural edged piece that we call Ar-dor exemplifies the unusual, accelerated growth pattern of this abnormal phenomenon. It was inspired by The Fiery Furnace, a confusing maze of narrow red stone canyons and rock formations created by sandstone fins, located in […]


Holy Floppin’ Flatfish, Batman!

Holy floppin’ flatfish, Batman, look at that rainbow trout! Wow, it’s a beaut! Weighing in at 822g (29oz) and 48cm (19″) long this great catch, with its carved fins and tail, is all ready to serve up some delectable delights! This serving / charcuterie fish shaped board is made with a variety of exotic and […]

Cherry Bowl

Cherry Bowl With Sun Motif

There’s something about working with Cherry wood that we love, besides making us hungry for pie. It’s gotta be the awesome grain! This wooden bowl is a great example. The swirling, contrasting light and dark bands are just beautiful! The bowl is 26cm (10″) by 10cm (4″) and, in addition to the awesome grain, features […]


Cherry Bowl With Paprika Rim

Just finished! A Cherry bowl with paprika rim! Here’s another wooden bowl featuring a textured band and accented with paprika coloured stain. It is made of Cherry from the Hardwood Lands area of Nova Scotia and is 23cm (9″) in diameter and 9cm (3.5″) tall. Here’s another photo showing a closeup of the texturing: Back […]