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cedar plant pot stands

Cedar Plant Pot Stands

256{icon} {views}Woodworking and gardening goes hand in hand! During a rain forced break from planting Plum trees today we made a half dozen of these cedar plant pot stands. They are made from leftover Cedar from last year’s greenhouse build. Our garden tools definitely include a hammer and saw! These wooden plant stands are approximately […]


Wonderful World Of Whirly-Twirlies

220{icon} {views}Let’s kick off the weekend a bit early with some eye boggling fun! Check out these cool, colourful Whirly-Twirlies that we made! And why make just one when you can make six?! Here’s how it happened, the white one with the red trim on the right has been in the family for years, coming […]


Pixie Sticks & Fireflies

55{icon} {views} Here’s a fun project! We’re calling them Pixie Sticks! We took a few tall, thin poles, drilled holes in the top and then glued in small, solar lights and made these cool garden accents!  We’ll be making more of them for all around the yard! Imagine what they’ll look like at night scattered […]


The Great Bean Harvest Of 2014

61{icon} {views} We had an awesome year for beans this year! We harvested and dried 10 different varieties with a yield of over 12 pounds, not counting the ones we saved for seed! These will be added to soups, salads and stews (and even used as a pizza topping!) throughout the winter. Of course, they […]


Pretty Pink Impatiens Petals

19{icon} {views} Our pretty pink Impatiens petals are performing profusiously… The way that the sunlight was shining on these Impatiens petals and reflecting on the dew drops just had to be captured. Back to the garden… You may also like Cedar Plant Pot Stands Simple Garden Benches Add Accent Building Benches Is For The Birds […]