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Increase Shop Efficiency

41{icon} {views}We knew it! And here it is in print, and written by legendary woodturner, Stephen Hogbin, no less! Reading “Hogbin On Woodturning” this morning and came across this line, this quote, this apparent requirement to awesome innovation and creativity: “In my shop, tea and cookies are mandatory at regular intervals; in the long run […]


Spurtles On Parade!

31{icon} {views} Have you ever wondered how our Spurtles get to the Halifax Crafters Holiday Market? Well, wonder no more! Here’s a short video that we have put together to show you how they get there. Is it corny? Guaranteed! Are we wacky? Indeed! This is what happens when you spend too much time in […]

Wonderful Weather Woodturning

Wonderful Weather Woodturning

180{icon} {views}Wonderful weather woodturning, indeed! The weather has been so nice here lately that we decided to move the small lathe outside to take advantage of it. Yeah, you’re right, we’ve have been doing a lot of turning lately… maybe too much… 🙂 Back to the shop… You may also like Increase Shop Efficiency You […]

It's A Conspiracy

A Conspiracy? Who? Us? Nawwww!

148{icon} {views}When we started Geocaching almost a year ago we thought that we were joining a fraternity of peaceful, friendly people. However, we just became aware that this is not so! We recently visited a fellow Geocacher’s blog, who shall remain nameless, and read that he is attempting to rally other Geocachers against us and […]


Cached And Got The T-shirt

37{icon} {views}We have been asked several times about the rotating quotes on the bottom of the right-hand menu of Geocaching Online. We have to admit that we ‘stole’ these from various t-shirts that we have come across in our travels both online and off. We think that they are cool so we included them onsite. […]