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Curly Maple Butter Dish

100{icon} {views}Here’s another butter dish just out of the finish room but this one is a Curly Maple butter dish! Check out that awesome curl! Curly Maple, also known as flame Maple, ripple Maple, fiddleback or tiger stripe, refers to the wavy figure or grain pattern of the wood, often creating a chatoyance, or shimmering […]


Maple Butter Dish

69{icon} {views}Here’s a stylish Maple butter dish just out of the finish room! Er, we should say that it’s a butter dish made of Maple, though it would be perfect for Maple butter too! In fact, in addition to serving butters we believe it will also be great for other spreads like cream cheese and […]


Acorn-Style Birdhouse Ornaments

109{icon} {views}Here are some acorn-style birdhouse ornaments that just fell from the tree! What kind of tree do these grow on, you ask? An Ornamental Oak, of course! Here’s a traditional, though minature, sytle birdhouse mixed in with some more acorn-style ornaments: These birdhouse style Christmas tree ornaments are ready for gifting! They certainly were […]


Sugar Maple Celebration Bowl

94{icon} {views}This Sugar Maple Celebration Bowl is a beaut! And big too! At 35cm (14″) in diameter and 10.5cm (4″) deep it will hold a super sized salad, a giant mound of nuts or one big pile of popcorn! It features an olive coloured stained and branded rim making it a one-of-a-kind conversation piece too! […]

Bold Boards Abound

Bold Boards Abound!

78{icon} {views}Bold Boards abound! We’ve got a bunch more Bold Boards bounding out of the finish room today, all beeswaxed and buffed! Ready for serving! These boards will be the talk of your next get together. Imagine serving up the finest cheese, the tastiest charcuterie or a Ploughman’s Lunch on one of these! They come […]