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Red Oak Celebration Bowl

103{icon} {views}Here’s a Red Oak Celebration Bowl that we were working on last week, all hand rubbed and shined up with our beeswax finish! It is 33cm (13″) by 9.5cm (3.75″) and features a branded motif circling it’s deep red stained rim, accenting the ruddy grain. The Oak for this bowl was harvested from the […]


Bigga Buncha Bowls

40{icon} {views}Wow! What a week! In addition to harvesting the garden, some replanting, shelling beans, saving seeds, finishing a totem, a gallery opening and a score of other things we got a bigga buncha bowls turned! These wooden bowls range in size from 18cm (7″) to 38cm (15″) and in several types of wood like […]


Scary Sharp Bread Knives

167{icon} {views}We recently made a few more of our scary sharp bread knives. They are so sharp that they’ll slice bread right out of the oven! These bread slicers are made of Red Oak and have a blade that is not only scary sharp but they will last almost indefinitely.Our old one was well over […]

Armoire Style Wall Bed

Armoire Style Wall Bed

422{icon} {views}Here’s a armoire style wall bed that we finished last week. We ramped it up a notch and did it in the style of an armoire to further disguise the fact that it was actually a bed. The necessity for the Murphy wall bed came from the fact that D’s mother moved in with […]