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Peyoke Bowl with Textured Band and Dots - 01

Ash Bowl With Textured Band

133{icon} {views} Here’s another Peyoke bowl, and this one features a textured band and dots! This Peyoke-style bowl features a rich black textured band around the outside and a row of black dots on the inside, just below the rim. It follows the tradition of the contrasting brown and blacks of this series, giving it […]

Peyoke Bowl with Swirly Bottom - 01

An Ash Bowl With Swirly Bottom

74{icon} {views} Here’s another Peyoke-style bowl that we recently completed. It features an extra wide rim that has been undercut, giving the sense of thickness while retaining the air of lightness. It also has beautiful swirls pyrographed into the outside bottom, giving the bowl both design and texture. The contrasting brown and black stains is […]

Peyoke bowl

Peyoke Bowl With Textured Rim

62{icon} {views}Here’s a Peyoke bowl with a twist! In addition to the various size carved ‘dots’ that populate the outside bottom of the bowl, the rim has been heavily textured, giving it a unique look and feel. The inside features a tug of war between the light and dark of the natural grain of this […]

And Even More Small Tea Lights

And Even More Small Tea Lights

50{icon} {views}And here’s some more of the small tea lights done in the Peyoke style. Like the previous ones they are made of Maple and about 2 1/2″ in diameter and 2″ tall and again, each have a different design and burnings. As you can likely see, these tealights, along with the ones posted earlier, […]

Some More Small Tea Lights

Some More Small Tea Lights

52{icon} {views}Here’s some more small tea lights made of Maple and done in our Peyoke style. These ones are also about 2 1/2″ in diameter and 2″ tall and again, each have their own style and design. These are so much fun to make. It’s a great opportunity to relax and just play. The tea […]