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Cutting Boards

Branded Cutting Boards

48{icon} {views}We made a batch of cutting boards that feature some neat pyrographed branding on them! These boards, which can also be used as serving boards, are made of local Maple and Cherry. Back to the shop… You may also like A Surprise Spalted Maple Vase Maple And Cherry Cutting Board Southwest Style Pot With […]

Maple Celebration Bowl

Celebration Bowl – Paprika Rim

45{icon} {views}Here is a new Celebration bowl that features a paprika coloured rim with pyrographed branding. The wooden bowl is made of local Maple and is 34cm (13 1/2″) by 7cm (2 3/4″) and finished with our Treebalm, for long lasting care. The shallow style bowl makes for a great salad presentation, displaying it in […]


Cherry Bowl With Sun Motif

39{icon} {views} The combination of the red stain, the red of the Cherry wood, the subtle sun motif branding plus the warmth of the hand-rubbed beeswax finish is quickly making this wooden bowl a favourite! The Cherry wood came from the Hardwood Lands of Nova Scotia. It is approximately 23cm (9″) in diameter and 9cm […]


Salad Bowl With Triangles

48{icon} {views} The muted red colour of the chain of triangles that circle the top of this salad bowl blends beautifully with the rich, warm, natural shades of the Red Maple, creating a truly unique presentation! This great kitchen addition is approximately 22cm (8.5″) in diameter and with a bowl of almost 13cm ( 5″) […]

All Pent Up

All Pent Up

102{icon} {views}Here’s a piece that we recently finished that we call ‘All Pent Up’. We don’t usually name our pieces but because it was heavily decorated with pentagrams and star shapes we thought that in this case it was appropriate. The piece is made from locally harvested Black Cherry and it has been heavily burned […]

A Collection Of Small Boxes

A Collection Of Small Boxes

290{icon} {views}Here’s a collection of small boxes that we did over the summer. They vary in size from 2″ tall to 4 1/2″ tall and they feature pyrography and staining. A pair of the boxes also feature a small glass bead accent in the center of the lid. They are all made from Ash and […]