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A Safety Review Of My Workshop

A Safety Review Of My Workshop

410{icon} {views}Since the object of Woodworking Safety Week is for woodworkers to focus on safety in the workshop I did a safety review of what equipment I use to make my shop safer, any problems that I may have with this equipment and areas where I could improve it. It certainly was an eye-opener, realizing […]

The Shattered Bowl

A Spinning Bowl Is Not A Toy!

183{icon} {views}A spinning bowl is not a toy! I thought I was turning a bowl until it turned into a spin top! And boy, did it spin… right into my face! I was merrily turning a bowl out of cherry when out of nowhere it just shattered and the pieces went flying. One piece hit […]

Face Shield

I Can See Clearly Now!

145{icon} {views}I can see clearly now! I couldn’t stand it any longer! The face shield that I was using for the past 20 years is so scratched and marked up that it was hard to see out of. It never seemed a problem before because it was never used for that long. Now with turning […]