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Razor & Shaving Brush Combo

Whisker And Beard Combos

We put together a few cool combos of the razors and shaving brushes that we recently made. These elegant shaving sets have hand-crafted matching handles, creating a gift, either for yourself or someone else, that is sure to please. They will definitely remove the whisker and beard in style! Here, have a look: Back to […]

Shaving Brushes

Brushing Up On Shaving

Changing of the Guard? Nope! It’s a parade of shaving brushes, all ready for market! With their Best Badger brush knots and custom made handles these shaving brushes will definitely be on the gift lists this year! The handles come in a variety of shapes and sizes and in both local and exotic woods. We […]

wooden shaving brushes

Wooden Shaving Brushes

Here are a few wooden shaving brushes featuring genuine badger hair! The grade of badger hair used in these brushes is Best Badger. Best Badger grade hair ranges in color from light brown to gray and has a color separation in the length of the hair, referred to as “banded.” Best badger hair has great […]