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Microjig GRR-Ripper System

The Microjig GRR-Ripper System

I picked up the Microjig GRR-Ripper System after reading about in on their site and then seeing a great demonstration at the Moncton Woodshow a couple of weeks ago. The GRR-Ripper is an enhanced ‘pushstick’ system that also works like a movable blade guard for your table saw or router. It’s great for those times […]

Henry Taylor Roughing Gouge

Henry Taylor Roughing Gouge

With my recent increase in interest towards woodturning I figured I needed some quality tools so today I picked up a 3/4″ Henry Taylor Roughing Gouge. Henry Taylor Tools is from of Sheffield England. The roughing gouges is used to “rough” square stock into round and shape shallow curves. Used with a slicing cut, it […]