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Bold Boards Abound

Bold Boards Abound!

78{icon} {views}Bold Boards abound! We’ve got a bunch more Bold Boards bounding out of the finish room today, all beeswaxed and buffed! Ready for serving! These boards will be the talk of your next get together. Imagine serving up the finest cheese, the tastiest charcuterie or a Ploughman’s Lunch on one of these! They come […]


A Bonanza Of Bold Boards

114{icon} {views}We’re getting pretty board here at Ravenview! Pretty board, indeed! Check out this bonanza of Bold Boards that we recently made for the upcoming holiday season! The contrasting, though complementing, types of different wood is what makes our Bold Boards so bold! Some of the different woods we use include exotics like Zebrawood, Padauk, […]


A Beautiful Walnut Bowl

151{icon} {views}Just out of the finish room! A beautiful Walnut bowl with texturing captured between a pair of stained bands. This wooden bowl is 28cm (11″) in diameter and 9.5cm (3.75″) tall. The Walnut for this wood bowl was harvested in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia in November of 2010. The estimated height of the tree […]


We Be Tap Dancing!

74{icon} {views}We be tap dancing! Here are several wooden beer taps that we recently finished and they are all ready to serve up your finest beers and ales! These handmade beer tap handles will make a statement in your home bar, your games room, or your man cave. They are a true pleasure to hold […]


Bigga Buncha Bowls

40{icon} {views}Wow! What a week! In addition to harvesting the garden, some replanting, shelling beans, saving seeds, finishing a totem, a gallery opening and a score of other things we got a bigga buncha bowls turned! These wooden bowls range in size from 18cm (7″) to 38cm (15″) and in several types of wood like […]


Holy Floppin’ Flatfish, Batman!

45{icon} {views}Holy floppin’ flatfish, Batman, look at that rainbow trout! Wow, it’s a beaut! Weighing in at 822g (29oz) and 48cm (19″) long this great catch, with its carved fins and tail, is all ready to serve up some delectable delights! This serving / charcuterie fish shaped board is made with a variety of exotic […]