A Handy Kitchen Toddler Tower

The toddler tower that we made to allow our granddaughter to help us in the kitchen works like a charm! With its first use she was able to help us make some cornmeal muffins, cut up her own apple slices (with a wooden knife, of course!) and help wash the dishes.

It is made of Pine and painted with milk paint then finished with a clear coat. It stands counter height at almost 36″ tall and with the 6 degree angle on the back legs it has an approximate footprint of 17″ x 19″. The platform is set at 13″ high. (We had considered making the platform adjustable but in the end figured that by the time this one is out grown a simple stool would be more suitable.)

The bottom of the legs have some thick felt padding attached that allows it to be easily pushed across the ceramic floor. The removable back dowel enables easy access but right now our granddaughter simply climbs up and under. The dowel fits into a recess on the left side and in a channel on the right side. By simply pulling up on the right side of the dowel it is easily removed. Removing it also allows the tower to be used as a ladder for us to reach the top cupboards.

Here are some more photos of the toddler tower showing a few different angles:

And here are a couple of more photos showing it in use:

This was a relatively quick and totally enjoyable project to make and if the first use is any indication we expect that it will gets lots of use! We’re looking forward to having our little helper active in the kitchen and sharing those special moments.

Back to the shop, or should we say, back to the kitchen…

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