2020-07-06 11.54.38

Teeny Tiny Trees

It’s a forest! Twenty-four Teeny Tiny Trees! There’s two sets of twelve, each with a box, one for each our favourite little people. Each piece, even the boxes, was made from American Ash that was harvested in the Hardwoodlands area of Nova Scotia. This was an awesome project. Very rewarding and such a wonderful finished […]


A New Old Garden Bench

We are quite happy that we gave new life to this old favourite. This wooden garden bench with cast iron sides has been with us for about twenty-five years and we finally got around to replacing the old rotting wood slats and replace them with new Red Oak ones. And with a splash of paint […]

2020-07-01 17.06.53

Huge Haskap Harvest!

Wow! Another successful haskap harvest again this year and it’s bigger than last year’s! Much, much bigger, in fact, and this even takes in consideration that one of our bushes was raided by the Robins. 🙂 In the past we have made pies with the berries but because we have so many berries this year […]

Rhubarb - 6-7-2020 - 01

Colossal Crop Of Rhubarb

It’s that time of year again, the time of year that we always wait for with great anticipation. It’s time to start harvesting our Rhubarb! And what a great crop we have this year. It is so huge that we’re referring to it as “colossal”. As you can see in the photos below the stalk […]


Malatah Pedestal Bowl

We’re calling this new piece Malatah. Like a previous piece we did that is called called Ar-dor, this piece was also inspired by a trip we did to the American state of Utah a couple of years ago. We were awed by the beauty of the reds, the rusts and the browns of the sandstone, […]