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A Scorp Called The Scorpion

For this week’s Hand Tool Thursday we present, what we are calling, The Scorpion! Originally used by barrel makers, the scorp is now more likely to be used by chairmakers, for scooping out the seat and by carvers for hand carving bowls and troughs. They go by other names such as round shaves and inshaves. […]


Russell Jennings Auger Bit Set

We haven’t posted a tool for ‘Handtool Thursday’ for quite some time so we were glad that we recently acquired not only a great new tool but one that is great for posting too! We’re talking about this set of Stanley Tools BX-D 32 1/2 Quarters No. 100 Spur Auger Bits. The genuine Russell Jennings […]


The Lignum Hawg

Meet our newest sword, which we are dutifully bestowing the name, ‘The Lignum Hawg’. The beautifully crafted blade is premium M42 cobalt high-speed steel from D-Way Tools and the heavy-duty steel handle is from Oneway. It weighs in at 1.7kg (3.75lbs), wielding confidence in its thrust. The handle is 45cm (17.5″) long, the gouge, er, […]

Pick And Shovel

Pick And Shovel

We would like you to meet a couple of old friends, this “Handtool Thursday” morn, our Pick And Shovel. Friends to each other, as pick and shovel, and friends to us for their many years of service, allowing us to accomplish many, many projects. The biggest being the basement we dug out beneath our second […]

A hammer from Dad

Hammer From Dad

This is a hammer, a hammer from Dad. A 16oz hammer made by Stanley Tools. It was a birthday gift given to me by my late, and yes, great, father back in the mid to late 70’s. It was my go-to hammer for a lot of years but not as much anymore since a larger, […]


Handscrew Clamps

For this week’s Hand Tool Thursday we’re offering this photo of a couple of handscrew clamps, invaluable shop tools! Though we don’t use them in our shop as much as our other type of clamps there are times when nothing else will do. Handscrews are particularly good for clamping uneven surfaces or when you need […]