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On Yin And Yang

The light through the shop window this morning is playing with shadow, creating an abstract yin and yang design in the shavings, allegorically displaying the divide of it’s opposing, though complementary, forces. An appropriate and symbolic image for us, and one likely for others who challenge the periphery, where there is always the contest between […]


The Beauty Of Wood

You know, there’s something about wood that we just can’t get enough of. We are always mesmerized by the grain, the colour, the texture. Take the ends of these aged boards, for example, and you can easily see how one can get lost in the patterns created simply by a crosscut. Once again proof that […]


Wisdom Of A Tree

You would be wise to listen to the wisdom of a tree: Live your life with your own personal sense of majesty Let the roots of all your dreams grow deep Let the hopes of all your tomorrows grow high Bend, but don’t break Take the seasons as they come Stick up for yourself And […]


It Came From The Sky

Found this beautiful feather falling from the sky! It is from a raptor of some kind, likely either an Osprey or Sharp-Shinned Hawk. The colouring is more like a Sharp-Shinned but we saw an Osprey flying by earlier. Either way, it is a keeper! And what a sky! Look at it! It’s a beautiful, deep […]