On Yin And Yang

The light through the shop window this morning is playing with shadow, creating an abstract yin and yang design in the shavings, allegorically displaying the divide of it’s opposing, though complementary, forces. An appropriate and symbolic image for us, and one likely for others who challenge the periphery, where there is always the contest between a multitude of thoughts, ideas and tenets and the illusion of time and it’s seemingly dwindling availability. We strive daily to find that fine line in all we do, the one that allows us to both experience and explore, aware that the distance we stray on either side, if controlled, can lead down untrodden paths of unexpected, though anticipated, discovery. We justify, or perhaps simply pacify, our responsibilities under the guise of experimentation and/or in the name of ‘research’, all to acquire a simple glimpse beyond our status quo in the hopes of grasping and extracting the shape, the form, the haloed paragon that dances in the mist. As with yin and yang, balance is critical and focus is a key. Not the key but a key, for sometimes it’s just more, simply more about finding the correct lock. Enjoy the adventure, friends, have a great day!

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