The Great Bean Harvest Of 2015

Hear ye! Hear ye! The Great Bean Harvest Of 2015! Indeed! What a wonderful year for growing beans! We increased our bean production by 50% this year, going from 5.5kg (12lbs) last year to just over 8kg (18lbs) this year!

Depending on the variety we’ll use them throughout the year in a slew of meals including soups, salads and mains. They’ll be baked, boiled and mashed. Above all, they’ll be enjoyed! If you never tasted fresh dried beans ya gotta try them! So rich and creamy! And good for you too!

Here’s a shot of several of the varieties of beans that we grew for drying this year. From top row left we have Jacob’s Cattle, Lazy Housewife, Ireland Creek Annie. The second row is Amish Gnuttle, Soldier Beans, Red Kidney and last row is Kahnawake Mohawk, Black Turtle and Green Beans.

[envira-gallery id=”11530″]

As you can see we dried some green beans again. We also grew Scarlet Runners which we also ate as green beans and saved some for seed.

Definitely a great bean harvest!

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