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Rhubarb - 6-7-2020 - 01

Colossal Crop Of Rhubarb

It’s that time of year again, the time of year that we always wait for with great anticipation. It’s time to start harvesting our Rhubarb! And what a great crop we have this year. It is so huge that we’re referring to it as “colossal”. As you can see in the photos below the stalk […]


April Sprouts And Kale Growth

It’s only April and already we have some Garlic sprouts and the growth of the Kale is awesome! In fact, it’s ready to eat! Gotta like it! Each year we’re making better strides in achieving our goal of of gardening year round. Our dried bean supply is doing very well and we believe that we […]


Schlumbergera In The Sunshine

Our Schlumbergera is all aglow this morning, proudly showing off its crimson petals. Known by a variety of names including Christmas Cactus, Thanksgiving Cactus, Crab Cactus and Holiday Cactus, the Schlumbergera tends to bloom in the winter months when they go semi-dormant and daylight gets down to 8-10 hours a day or less. Ours has […]


ToeMayToe? ToeMahToe?

ToeMayToe? ToeMahToe? Who cares, we just call them tasty! There’s nothing like lots of fresh tomatoes from the garden! All things considered, we feel that we had a pretty good year for tomatoes. Unlike last year, where we lost an estimated 80% of our crop due to Late Blight, this year we fared pretty well. […]


Nature’s Little Nitrogen Factory!

Nature’s little nitrogen factory! This is a photo showing the nitrogen fixing nodules that are attached to bean plants. Through a symbiotic relationship between legumes and rhizobium bacteria these nodules are created, storing nitrogen for the plant’s use. They can grow to the size of a large pea! Once the plant dies and decomposes the […]