Our Granddaughter’s Oak Fireside Chair

Here’s a great little fireside chair that we made for our granddaughter!

The inspiration to make this chair came about last Autumn while we were at our daughter’s place, all sitting around the fire pit enjoying a mid-afternoon fire. Although there are plenty of adult sized Adirondacks around the stone patio they are all obviously much too large for a two year old’s small stature. Once our granddaughter climbed up and sat down in to one of these deeply sloped chairs she found it a struggle to crawl up and out of them! And though she looked cute sitting there (she’s hard not to :)) it obviously didn’t look comfortable at all. It was even more obvious that she needed a chair her own size.

Since we also don’t find the Adirondack chair design, with its low, sloped seat and steep reclining back, all that comfortable, at least not without a back pillow, we decided to build something that sits more upright. Also, since it was going to be a Christmas present and would be used in the house for several months before going outside, we thought it should look more similar to a piece of indoor furniture. For this reason we chose to make it out of Red Oak. We also stained and clear coated it with outdoor stable finishes that look good both indoors and out.

While searching online we found several simple outdoor chair designs that were similar to what we had in mind, each with its own features and process for making. From these we combined the best of what we liked and sized the chair to what we figured would be a good fit but also allow room for a bit of growth.

We believe it worked out quite well. What do you you think? 🙂

It’s projects like this fireside chair that holds a special place in our hearts. Throughout the whole build our mind was constantly filled with thoughts of our granddaughter and how much enjoyment she’ll get from the chair over the next couple of years. And since it was built to last perhaps it will be one of the items that stays around for years. An enjoyable thought but for now she has a chair of her own to enjoy around the campfire!

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