piece of paradise

Paradise Lost?

Paradise lost? It was torn a bit but it’s still a piece of paradise! Took a trip to the ‘Ravenview Farm Annex’ on Thursday to check on things. We found that loggers working the property behind us had recently used our road as a shortcut, without permission. They made quite a mess of it but […]


Curly Maple Butter Dish

Here’s another butter dish just out of the finish room but this one is a Curly Maple butter dish! Check out that awesome curl! Curly Maple, also known as flame Maple, ripple Maple, fiddleback or tiger stripe, refers to the wavy figure or grain pattern of the wood, often creating a chatoyance, or shimmering effect. […]


April Sprouts And Kale Growth

It’s only April and already we have some Garlic sprouts and the growth of the Kale is awesome! In fact, it’s ready to eat! Gotta like it! Each year we’re making better strides in achieving our goal of of gardening year round. Our dried bean supply is doing very well and we believe that we […]


Maple Butter Dish

Here’s a stylish Maple butter dish just out of the finish room! Er, we should say that it’s a butter dish made of Maple, though it would be perfect for Maple butter too! In fact, in addition to serving butters we believe it will also be great for other spreads like cream cheese and pates […]