Birch & Walnut Cutting Board

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This beautiful handcrafted wooden cutting board features reddish Birch strips contrasted with Walnut, both locally harvested hardwoods.

A native to North America, Birch is a hardwood that ranges in color from a creamy white to a golden brown. Sometimes it offers up a unique reddish hue. This is a very popular wood known for its durability.

Walnut’s rich brown colouration, striking grain and overall beauty, combined with it’s durability, makes it one of the world’s most popular woods.

So beautiful you may not want to cut on it! And in that case, it’ll make an awesome serving board!

Length: 30.48cm (12″)
Width: 23.81cm (9 3/8″)
Thickness: 2.06cm (13/16″)
Weight: 950g (33.5oz)
Wood Types: Birch & Walnut