Oak & Maple Buffet Board

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This handcrafted, wood Buffet Board features the timeless beauty of Red Oak, the complementing Maple with a bit of contrasting reddish Padauk.

It’s large size ensures a grand display and the custom handles provide a convenient way to carry and present your culinary creation while adding a very unique look.

The warmth of Red Oak, with its distinctive color and grain, is only overshadowed by its traditional beauty and durability.

Maple is probably the most popular hardwood in the world. It ranges in color from a creamy white to a reddish brown. It’s recognized for both its durability and long-lasting beauty.

Pauduk, from Central and West Africa, ranges in color from a rich red to deep, purple red giving this wood a very distinct look. It is valued for it’s toughness and it’s apparent beauty.

If you’re into entertaining and wish to raise your presentation style our Buffet Boards will take it over the top!

Length: 50.17cm (19 3/4″)
Width: 23.81cm (9 3/8″)
Thickness: 2.86cm (1 1/8″)
Wood Types: Red Oak, Maple and Padauk