Zebrawood & Walnut Buffet Board

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This beautiful, handcrafted, wood Buffet Board features the strikingly bold look of West African Zebrawood, the deep brown of Walnut with a bit of contrasting reddish Padauk.

It’s large size ensures a grand display and the custom handles provide a convenient way to carry and present your culinary creation while adding a very unique look.

Zebrawood from West/Central Africa offers distinct brown/black lines alternating between a tan colored background to give it an elegance that is hard to compare!

North America Walnut is one of the most coveted native hardwoods. It’s rich, brown color, fine straight-grain and overall beauty, combined with it’s durability, makes it one of the world’s most popular woods.

Pauduk, from Central and West Africa, ranges in color from a rich red to deep, purple red giving this wood a very distinct look. It is valued for it’s toughness and it’s apparent beauty.

If you’re in to entertaining and wish to raise your presentation style this is it!

Length: 47.94cm (18 7/8″)
Width: 23.02cm (9 1/16″)
Thickness: 2.22cm (7/8″)
Wood Types: Zebrawood, Walnut and Paudauk