Wenge & Birch Cutting Board

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This large handcrafted wooden cutting board features Wenge and Birch woods.

Wenge comes from West Africa and is a very hard wood that’s nearly all black but also has slightly lighter brown streaks. This colour and contrast gives it a unique and very appealing appearance.

Birch, a native to North America, is a hardwood that ranges in color from a creamy white to a golden brown. Sometimes it offers up a unique reddish hue. This is a very popular wood known for its durability.

In addition to being a great cutting board it’ll also make an awesome serving board!

Length: 39.69cm (15 5/8″)
Width: 23.34cm (9 3/16″)
Thickness: 1.43cm (9/16″)
Weight: 990g (35oz)
Wood Types: Wenge & Birch