Trimmin’ Da Hood, The Fan Goes Wild

Yep, we be trimmin’ da hood and the fan goes wild! This is a project that I did a couple of years ago. When we had our kitchen cupboards made we couldn’t find a stove fan vent hood that we liked so I built one. Because there were issues with getting the fan vented I wasn’t able to finish the hood by adding the trim until yesterday.


The sides and back are made of baltic birch and the face is made of solid birch to match the rest of the kitchen cupboards. It is finished with a couple of coats of Varathane.

Here is a close-up view :

Stove Fan Vent Hood

Here is the final piece of trim I added today. It was another use for The Perfect Picture Framer Jig.

Stove Fan Vent Hood

What I enjoyed about making this was the lap joints on the face. I had never done those before. I believe they came out reasonably well. If we ever build again I’d look forward to building all the cupboards.

Back to the shop…

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