A Big Box O’ Blocks

Here’s a big box o’ blocks that we made for our granddaughter’s first Christmas! In addition to an array of different sized blocks and a big red box to store them all in.

This was truly another one of those truly rewarding projects, both in the building and in the giving. There could be no better payment than seeing those little eyes light up as it was unwrapped.

They are made from Sugar Maple and in a variety of relative sizes for a total of 70 pieces:

33 – Singles: 1 5/16” X 1 5/16” X 1 5/16”

6 – Doubles: 1 5/16” X 1 5/16” X 2 5/8”

8 – Triples: 1 5/16” X 1 5/16” X 3 15/16”

10 – Double Flats: 21/32” X 1 5/16” X 2 5/8”

13 – Triple Flats: 21/32” X 1 5/16” X 3 15/16”

The box is approximately 12” x 12”, made of Pine and painted with bright red milk paint.

Here are some more photos:

We believe that building blocks are an important part of a child’s early development, learning and fun and this project should certainly fit the bill!

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