Here’s a piece that we finished just in time for Halloween that we like to call ‘Black Juju, A Place Where Bad Dreams Go’.

Heavily inspired by the Alice Cooper song of the same name and it’s dark references this hollow form was completely textured, carved and dyed (or is that died? :)) black. A ring of sharp “teeth” circle the vessel’s opening creating a ‘trap’ for nightmares, bumps in the night and the occasional woodturner’s finger (woodturners have a nasty habit of sticking their fingers in another turners work to check out the workmanship :)). A friend of ours once commented that it looks like a black poppy and when viewed from the top it certainly does! Indeed! This added another layer to the concept of this piece. 🙂

The piece is made of Maple and is approximately 12″ in diameter and 3″ tall.

Here are some more photos:

black magic
The song ‘Black Juju’ was included on the Alice Cooper band’s first commercially successful album, ‘Love It To Death’ which was released in 1971 and has been a favourite album of ours since then (Oh youth, where has doth gone?). Some of our fave songs from the album includes ‘Caught In A Dream’, ‘Is It My Body’, ‘I’m Eighteen’, ‘Ballad Of Dwight Fry’ and, of course, ‘Black Juju’:

Back to the shop… because bodies need rest…

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