A Birch Vase Weed Pot

Here was a fun project. I moved some wood around and found several small Birch logs and threw them under the bench that the lathe sits on. One piece bounced back out and I took this as a sign that it wasn’t happy just laying around and wanted to be turned. So I put it on the lathe and this weed pot, a vase, was what was hidden inside the log and trying to get out. 🙂

A Birch Vase Weed Pot

It has a flowing, almost bowling pin like, shape and it stands at about 7 1/2″ tall and is 3″ at it’s widest point and almost 2″ at it’s base. It is finished with Tung oil and buffed with the Beall Buff System.

Here’s another photo without the ‘flowers’ where you can see more of the shape of the top:

A Birch Vase Weed Pot

This just goes to show what can be hiding in a woodpile. Of course, since seeing this the other logs have been screaming, “Me next, me next!”

All in due time, all I due time. 😉

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