GoGo T. Urtle Is On The Road Again!

After a harrowing winter and a fight with a pack of wild wolves GoGo T. Urtle is on the road again! Although he is a bit banged up, bruised and sore he dragged himself back into the HooHaa GeoChallenge Race as soon as he was able, like the little trooper he is.

We were contacted by cribdonor earlier in the month with this disturbing message:

“I was checking on bugs I moved around and discovered that HooHaa Race – GoGo T. Urtle was in a cache that had been muggled. Since I am not far away I went to check it out and sure enough he has had a hard life and his tag is gone. I brought him along with me to dry him out and see if i can fix him up some. If you can get another tag for him we can try to get him going again, will help all i can. Sure wish I had put him somewhere else. . Anyway just thought i would let you know.”

Then, checking the cache logs we seen an entry on April 25th:

“This one was wide open, very wet and parts were spread out – looks like an animal got to it.”

There it was, a Cache Attack! It was then that it became clear.

We imagined that in a valiant effort to stave off a marauding pack of wild wolves GoGo fought to his last breath (almost) until being flung violently away from the scene, hitting his head and passing out just before he pulled himself into his shell.

There were several of these beasts, a dozen or more we imagine (or was it a hundred?), that attacked viciously and with abandon. Slashing, gnashing everything in sight, in an attempt to… what’s this?… to take GoGo out of the race? Who would have done such a thing? They even stole his tags! Mmmmmmm… we can only imagine who would have done such a thing.

Well, we sent off the duplicate tags to ‘cribdonor’ who graciously nursed GoGo back to health and got him back to another nearby cache.

He was quickly picked up by the Wood Family before the nasties could get another bead on him and then whisked away for a short (hopefully), rejuvenating stopover on beautiful Prince Edward Island.

Keep moving GoGo! Don’t stay long in one place! Just because they’re not behind you doesn’t mean that they are not after you! Watch out for flying monkeys!

We are so happy to know that GoGo is alive and well. Special thanks to ‘cribdonor’ for taking the time and effort to get this little guy back in the race. There’s no doubt that he certainly went ‘up and beyond’ on this one. Kudos! We appreciate it!

Keep on cachin’!

This post was originally posted on our now defunct website, Geocaching Online

2 replies on “GoGo T. Urtle Is On The Road Again!

  • P.J.

    One thing I’ve learned about this race so far is that there are a lot of other things that need to be put into writing as I don’t think I ever took into account bugs being lost, tags etc.

    If I do a second round of this, I think I’ll have items all in place with the rules to cover these items etc.

    All a learning experience, eh?

  • go_man

    eh?! Glad to see you took something home with you from your first trip to the land o’ many huts!

    Yeah, after a few of these races we’ll get it all figured out. 😉


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