Old Man Maple Vase

Here’s a small hollow vase that I turned recently. It is 5 3/4″ tall 3″ at widest to 1 3/4 at base and made of Maple.

Old Man Maple Vase

I refer to the Maple used in this project as ‘Old Man Maple’ because the tree that the wood came from used to reside behind my mother-in-laws home and it was always referred to as ‘Dad’s tree’ by my wife and her siblings. The tree had to be removed shortly after Hurricane Juan and I was able to salvage a few pieces. Since ‘Dad’ passed away several years ago anything that I’m able to turn or build from these few pieces of ‘Old Man Maple’ will be distributed among the family.

Here are a couple of more photos of this vase:

Old Man Maple Vase
Old Man Maple Vase

As you can imagine, turning this project brought back a flood of great memories.

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2 replies on “Old Man Maple Vase

  • Mitchell

    I see I’m not the only one that applies sentimental value to all things wood.

    This is truly a beautiful bit of art that you have created. Wonderful shape, well executed, and with some assistance by “the old man”, some incredible grain to enhance it all with.

    Well done, sir, well done.



  • Woodworker's Guide

    Mitchell, thanks so much. I believe I get the most enjoyment out of working with wood when there is some type of ‘connection’, whether through a known history or through the creation of a new one. This piece transcended both, and then some. While I reminisced about my father-in-law I also saw this piece and the others to come in the homes of family members, where they could, and would, hold, cherish and remember the good times under and around this great tree and the man, the father, grandfather, husband and friend, who called it his own.


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