Ravenview Recipes Now Open!

We would like to announce the official opening of a new addition to Ravenview and that is (drum roll please)… Ravenview Recipes!

Ravenview Recipes is a delicious collection of our favourite recipes that we have put together over the years and frequently add to.

Since July of 2003 we operated another recipe website called Recipe Express. It was a site where we stored our favourite recipes. Having them available online allowed us to easily share them with our family and friends. It was also quite handy to have these recipes available to us when we traveled.

This has worked out well over the years but in an attempt to simplify our lives a bit and to do a much needed update we decided to incorporate it into this one and so we moved all of the existing recipes over to this new location. (Please bear with us as we’re still under a bit of construction!)

This new site has an improved search, a much nicer layout and most important, allows us to easily add photos! (Another bonus is in order to get photos to add for all our old recipes we have to make all these delicious recipes again! 🙂 )

So, please give a recipe or two a try. We guarantee that they are all tasty!

In addition to the existing recipes we will be adding new ones frequently so please bookmark this section for your easy return!

Click here to visit Ravenview Recipes!

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