Backyard Bandits are Back!

Bandits! Yes, the backyard bandits are back! And this time they have gone too far! They can dig up our yard and eat the grubs but they have to leave our tomatoes alone!

Over the past several weeks we have seen an increase in the activity of our nightly visitors. Each morning we have been finding more and more tell-tale signs of their visits; a hole here, a hole there, a few more here. What are they digging for? Likely the grub of the European Chafer beetle, more commonly known as a June Bug. They can really make a mess out of a lawn digging for these, what they believe to be, decadent delights!Yesterday, at dawn, we saw a pair of them busy enjoying their breakfast. They were so busy with their noses to that ground that they were oblivious to our presence. These two were probably part of the gang of four ringers that scooted across the road in front of us the other night while we were out walking. Though they were smaller than the ones that visited us a couple of years ago they were equally as aggressive in their foraging:

backyard bandits
garden pests
lawn grubs

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