Surfin’ And Turfin’

We be surfin’ and turfin’! We spent a delightful evening with a couple of great friends last night, enjoying good conversation, a few games of 45’s and treating ourselves to some really awesome food!

We usually alternate locations, either their house or ours, giving each other the opportunity to try a new recipe or to tempt and tease with a family favourite. The other brings either an app, wine, a salad or dessert, to do their part, the choice usually at the suggestion of the host. This time we went to their place so we brought the salad, one of our favourites, the Strawberry Mango Salad. This was just the beginning…

When we arrived we found out that tonight’s menu was Surf and Turf, or as we simply like to call it here on the East Coast: steak and lobster.

The lobster, fresh, local lobster, was cooked to perfection, tender, juicy with just a hint of salt from the boiling water to bring out its full Maritime flavour. The steak, and not just any steak but beef tenderloin, was marinated and barbecued, also to perfection. We are not big meat eaters but this steak was truly out of this world! There was also stuffed potatoes too!

Our friends really outdid themselves this time! It is going to be hard to beat this meal, for both us and them!

Oh, and as you can see in the photo above we used the fine cutlery…

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