Welcome To Our New Website!

Well, we finally got our Ravenview website up and running. There’s still a lot of work yet to do (it really never ends…) but it is, as they say, live.

We are aware that one of the problems of operating a store-front website is trying to keep it regularly updated. Like many in the creative arts we feel that every waking moment should be spent in the shop/studio, outside enjoying nature, spending quality time with friends and family and not in front of a computer screen. However, we want to make our website more than just a catalog to showcase our items for sale so we hope to be able to incorporate into our daily routine.

We believe that one’s art is the result of one’s life, one’s love, one’s history, so it is our goal that our new website will be a centralized venue for us to share more about ourselves with you. Through the blog section we’ll post our thoughts, photos, people and things we see and meet, places we visit, things we like, concerns we have, our hopes and our dreams. All the things that make us, us. (Sounds heavy, huh? Nah, we promise it will be fun! :))

We’ll also have product care tips, features and specials, a frequently asked question area and information articles. We are planning a photo gallery for our past projects too.

Also, in the spirit of simplifying our lives, and creating a central repository, we will be closing down and consolidating several other websites that we have operated over the years. Hopefully, over time, you will see a variety of posts from these websites added here.

Of course, the Shop section will showcase our current items that we have available for sale.

So, please, follow us and visit often. Get to know us, get to know our art and our craft.

You can also find us at:

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