We first became aware of Geocaching when we were looking to purchase a GPSr. Our original goal was to have a GPS that would help us navigate around new cities that we visited as well as to help us with our hiking endeavors. Never did we think that this would have brought us here!

The more that we read about Geoacaching the more we were intrigued and we soon realized that this was now the real reason we were buying the GPSr.

Geocaching fit our lifestyle on so many levels. We enjoy visiting new and different places, we enjoy hiking, we enjoy learning and we enjoy meeting new people and being part of a world-wide group of people that enjoy the same. To date we have Geocached in Nova Scotia, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Maine, Nevada, Florida, Virginia, California and New Mexico!

While trying to learn as much as we could about our new hobby/sport we found that although there was a lot of information available trying to find it among the traditional search engines was frustrating at best. As our categorized bookmark list grew we realized that we had to share it with others.

Geocaching Online was born with this ideal in mind – to link the Geocaching community and offer other Geocachers a concise, categorized resource directory.

Geocaching Online now offers, in addition to an extensive resource directory, a regularly updated blog, , daily news, Geocaching events listing and more. We also have many new and exciting site features to come.

Geocaching Onlines’ mandate is “linking the Geocaching community” so our logo is three ‘links’ linked together. Plus, we believe that, if you squint your eyes and tilt your head just the right way the links sort of look like a ‘G’, a ‘C’ and an ‘O’, for GeoCaching Online!

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